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when you make jokes about bush not understanding foriegn aide, do a little history before hand so you dont look like an idiot.

both george and laura have been supplying aide to parts of africa for HIV and AIDES awareness, as well as supplying peopel with food with money from their own pockets.

he did this long before he even thought about running for president, and now that he has left the white house he promises to continue.

you can find that on the most liberal of news stations, do some research.

perhaps sometime one of your flashes will be funny once they become accurate. but for now you just look like a dumb shit and im laughing at your stupid toon as i type this.

this is a joke

the only true thing in this whole series is that palin ruined everything.

and for bush planning 9/11. you say hes an idiot, then you say he planned and got away with a world wide scam. make up your fucking mind because either way your wrond so it doesnt matter what you pick, just pick one.

overall it was just liberal banter in cartoon form, i see to much banter like this in obamas empty speeches.

romney 2012

Samination responds:

I don't think Bush planned 9/11 himself - I think he just did what he was told to do. You don't need much brains to do that. :p

Romney 2012? Please run him (or Palin), so Obama can easily win again.

it would be funny but...

ya all ur shit jokes is just bull anti republican shit. maybe if you put something funny in it wouldnt suck. in fact the only laugh i got out of the whole thing was the racist for mccain signs, since a republican ended slavery i always laugh at dicks who bias us as the racist party.

ya next time put like, jokes in and maybe even like, funny parts and then it might have value.

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i think you mean learn so fucking english.

but ya it didnt play or do anything after it loaded, just a background screen so idk what to tell you.

6/10 because i assume its good but it wont play.

DoomedChi responds:

Try right click/ play

great stuff

it owns

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enjoyed every aspect of it. Nice work.

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SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

hell yea :D tyyy


you kicked my first songs ass.

nice work.

keep em coming

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Tyurru responds:



i just completed the entire journey, and this one is my favorite. love that pad in the intro, mixes well with that good piano riff. sets a nice mood for the song.

now i gotta check out this expedition vid.


vote added +.45, gotta love high voting power.

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OpenLight responds:

Thanks man! haha glad to know you liked this. And I'll keep that in mind about that first pad. I'm sure I could use it for stuff later.

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